Episode 18 Addicted to Altitude (In search of high country rams) Part 2


It's all in the timing... Join John and Mike with Chris Maxwell as they continue their talk of all things Sheep and Sheep hunting just prior to their 7 night sheep hunt!  They talk tricks on how to judge size in the field, and what to do when the Brown is on the ground.  Things a hunting partner/group should know before going on a hunt, and preferences on certain gear.  Chris also tells some great stories on previous guided hunts, and other trips hunters should look into experiencing for themselves.

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Episode 17 Animal Down, Now What? Be Good To Your Meat


It's that time of year when our listeners will start harvesting their wild meat.

Whether you'll be processing your own, or hiring a butcher, you need to know what to do in the field and at home.

With this in mind, we sought out the counsel of a local pro, Chris Rivest.  Chris is a professional butcher, a hunter, a YouTube Chef, a foodie, podcaster and broadcaster, and an all around renaissance man.

Chris, Mike, and John talk about field care, your options on how to process wild game, and the process of getting your kill from field to table.  Chris tells some great stories and sheds some light on the finer ways to consume wild game.

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Episode 16 Addicted to Altitude (In search of high country rams) Part 1


Mental toughness, accepting discomfort, patience, restraint....When faced with the challenge, will you falter or will you endure?  

Mike and John had the pleasure of being joined by Wild Sheep Foundation board member Chris Maxwell.  Chris has a passion for wild sheep hunting and conservation that's truly inspiring.  His wealth of knowledge and expertise in mountain hunting really comes through as they talk about Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep biology, habitat, behavior and population.

This isn't Chris' first time on a podcast.  He's been a guest on two popular US podcasts, Jay Scott Outdoors and Hunt Backcountry.

The conversation takes many turns, and soon moves toward scouting and hunting Alberta rams.  Mike is an experienced and successful Alberta ram and ewe hunter himself, while John is new to the challenge.  They talk about their upcoming sheep hunt and Chris provides many useful tips on gear, tactics and what a hunter needs to be successful hunting our provincial mammal.  A freelance writer for Big Game Illustrated, as well as a person who has travelled to hunt and had some awesome adventures, make Chris a fascinating interview and gives him a keen insight into how hunting as conservation fits into the modern context.

We hope you enjoy listening as much as we did making it.

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Episode 15 The Original Mantracker Terry Grant - Every Track Tells a Story


Hunting season is here!  Mike and John sit down with Terry Grant the Original Mantracker to talk all things tracks.  Have you ever looked at a track and wondered... What species? When the animal left the track? What direction did it go?  Is it male or female?

With a lifetime of hunting, ranching, guiding and tracking experience behind him, Terry shares his tips and tricks for the new or seasoned hunter on tracking both man and beast in the backcountry.

Terry also talks about essentials every new and seasoned hunter should have including gear and knowledge.  During his 15 years involved in Foothills Search and Rescue, Terry has seen first hand what can happen when people venture into the woods without these essentials.

It was a real pleasure sitting down with this true Alberta Outdoorsman.

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Episode 14 Let Your Arrow Fly True


After a beautiful summer break, we sat down for a conversation with Calgary archer and bowhunter Brian Struthers.  Brian has decades of experience shooting bows, working at a pro shop and setting up new shooters.  We cover all the choices facing a new bowhunter choosing a bow setup.  From rests to cams, brace height and releases, we discuss the merits of each type.  Brian's 20 plus years of experience in competitive archery, with the Alberta Archery Association and with the Alberta Winter Games, make him a true expert on shooting form.  We talk techniques that all bowhunters need to understand to make that critical shot count.  

It was a pleasure chatting with Brian about a subject he's dedicated much of his life to.  We hope you enjoy the conversation too!

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Episode 13 Don’t Waste Your Time Hunting


Don't waste your time hunting...scouting, timing, and optimizing your time in the field.

Chance favours the prepared mind.  Join John and Mike as they discuss strategies for planning the upcoming hunting season.  Topics include planning around the rut, the merits of patience, and not letting eagerness hamper your effectiveness.

Temper your effectiveness...Mike lays out some dates of successful hunts to outline the importance timing can play, and just because its legal to hunt on a certain date, doesn't mean it makes the most sense.  What to hunt, Where to hunt, and When to hunt make up the framework for this episode. Focused mostly on the Western big three, elk, mule deer and whitetail, they chat about when each of the ruts takes place and how you can capitalize on it.  Black bear hunting is discussed as an option for those eager to get out in the mountains early.

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Episode 12 Set Your Sights


The big game season is around the corner! In this episode Mike and John provide great advice and info on getting your rifle, your scope, and yourself ready for the season.  Other discussion was about dry-fire practice, rifle care, bi-pod use, accurizing your rifle with ammo selection, rifle safety, and preparing a youth or new hunter for their first season.  Lots of great info packed into a short podcast, so tune in!

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Episode 11 What’s in your pack? Part 2 - Overnight


Welcome back to HighlanderHunting Podcast, on this episode John and Mike continue the discussion from episode 4 What's in your daypack? The guys will go over tents, sleeping bags, sleep pads, water filtration, and food.  In addition, Mike and John throw in some other creature comforts that will help make your overnight back country experience a postive one.

We would like to take a moment to thank our listeners, without you guys we would just be annoying our wives and kids with all things hunting!

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Episode 10 iHunter App - From idea to iTunes


Mark Stenroos, a software engineer and bow hunter, took his mapping app from idea to iTunes.  His made-in-Alberta solution has spread across Canada and into several American states, providing accurate land designation, regulations and waypoint mapping solutions... all for less than the cost of a 6 pack of beer! 

Mike and John continue with their rants about Garmin and InReach customer service, and Mark shares some stories about deer hunting in Nova Scotia, explaining why the deer out East have such great vision!  He also shares stories about going on a moose hunt in Finland, and the Finnish concept of hunting teams.

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Episode 9 Young Urban Hunter


It's another first here on HighlanderHunting Podcast, our first recorded Skype interview! Dylan Eyers from Eat Wild out of Vancouver, British Columbia joins Mike and John this week to talk about his innovative approach to introducing hunting and all things outdoors to the people of the urban jungle.

Learn more about changing the way you see food visit www.eatwild.ca

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