Episode 31 Spring Black Bear Hunting Is Here!


This time on Highlander Hunting Podcast Mike and John discuss Spring Black Bear Hunting.

While hunting black bears in the foothills and mountains, you might run into his cousin the grizzly bear.  We cover the finer points on grizzly - black bear ID skills, a few stories of grizz encounters, black bear habitat, feeding habits, and hunting tactics.

We also give details about a local meet up/seminar that we are going to be hosting at Cabela's Calgary, and our call to action for local listners.

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Episode 30 A Sniper’s Life


From 2002-2009 Rob Furlong owned the title of longest kill shot ever taken, 2430 meters.  A Canadian Forces sniper fighting in Afganistan with the 3rd Battalion of the PPCLI, Rob fought Al Quida and Taliban fighters while providing overwatch for US troops. 

We spoke with Rob about early life, how he got into shooting, and what lead up to the fateful day that changed his life and made him famous.

Lately, Rob has been using the skills he learned in the military to help shooters reach their potential.  He runs a long range shooting school here in Alberta.

Rob's schools us on all things long range.  From Caliber's, ballistic software, shooting techniques, and bad habits.

If you're a rifle shooter, you will love this  one!

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Episode 29 Bowhunting Filmmaker, Adam Foss


This week on Highlander Hunting Podcast, Mike and John speak with Adam Foss.

Adam is the youngest to complete the North American Grand Slam, with a BOW! He's also done conservation work with both the Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance and the Wild Sheep Foundation.  He tells us how to get involved.

We go over Adam's bowhunting set up / hardware.  We talk sheep behavior and hunting tactics, scouting strategies, and field judging Rams.

He's an accomplished filmmaker and has two films in the 2018 Hunting Film Tour.  He's a pro, an athlete, and a local boy representing Alberta on the world stage.


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John and Mike


Episode 28 The Hunting Film Tour - A chat with Naoto Aoki


Fly fishing guide, professional photographer, bear guide, and bowhunter.... Naoto Aoki wears many hats, and adding to his list of titles - he's handling all the Canadian dates for the Hunting Film Tour for 2018.

Our idea was to have him come on and talk about the film tour, but Naoto has had so many great adventures, that we covered so much more.  

From his trips fishing in exotic locations like the South Pacific and the Amazon, to guiding bear hunts in Northern Manitoba, Naoto has done it.

He also has a film in the 2018 Hunting Film Tour that he made with his brother.

Other topics covered include the health of the Bow River trout fishery, what it takes to be a hunting photographer, and the remarkable recovery of the wild turkey in North America.

Check out: huntingfilmtour.com  wekuskofallslodge.com  naotoaoki.com

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Mike and John


Episode 27 Jay Scott - Arizona Coues Deer Hunting


Our most recent conversation is with Jay Scott, talking about DIY Coues Deer hunting in Arizona, Jay explains how to make it happen.

A few of us are planning a public land Arizona Coues Deer hunt next January, so we asked the advice of an expert.

Jay Scott, Arizona outfitter and host of the most popular outdoor podcast in the world, talks us through what it takes to be successful when going after this curious little subspecies of the whitetail deer.

We cover scouting, safety in the desert, how to plan, and where to access valuable info that will increase your chances of success.

Jay is a humble guy who knows his stuff, and we greatly appreciate his insight. We hope you enjoy this episode!


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Mike and John



Episode 26 Kijiji for Guns


A transplant to Southern Alberta, Andre Perrault was dissatisfied with online options for buying and selling firearms.  Most social media sites don't Allow it, so he made his own site, GunPost. 

Andre is an avid shooter, hunter, as well as a traditional bowhunter.  Our conversation ran the gamut from hand loading, to hunting with a recurve bow, and various different traditional archery techniques, back to the ever popular topic of the 6.5 Creedmore.

Andre's a real interesting guy who has created a free service that will benefit anyone looking to buy or sell hunting gear, archery tackle, and of course firearms.

We hope you enjoy this episode and go check out www.Gunpost.ca


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John and Mike


Episode 25 A chat with Randy Newberg, Honorary Canadian


As if humming the original Hockey Night In Canada Theme song isn't enough to qualify this US based leader of the DIY, public land western hunting scene as a honorary Canadian, he hits us with a Beachcombers reference!

Mike and John had the good fortune to have a conversation with the host of one of tv's most watched hunting shows.

Besides his tv show, Randy has a popular podcast:  Randy Newberg Unfiltered, and also runs a hunting forum called Hunt Talk.

If you've never heard of Randy Newberg, set aside a couple of weeks to catch up on his instructional media.  Topics such as the gutless method of field dressing, his "pack dumps" and the seasons of the elk year.

He has produced some of the best info for newer westen hunters, hunting public lands, and he shares his insights with us on topics such as gear, rifle calibres and marksmanship, packs, clothing, optics, and so much more.

Find Randy at www.randynewberg.com


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Episode 24 The Deer Authority - A Chat with Idaho’s Robby Denning Part 2


Mike and John sit down with Robby Denning for part 2 on high country mule deer hunting.  They talk mountain fitness, gear, rifle and caliber choices, tactics, and much more to make you successful in the West.  

We hope you enjoy this as much as we did.


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John and Mike



Episode 23 The Deer Authority - A Chat with Idaho’s Robby Denning


Mike and John have a conversation with a guy who literally wrote the book on hunting mule deer.  As well as being an author, Robby is the editor for Rokslide.com a popular gear review/hunting forum.  He is also a professional guide for elk and deer.  He is eager to share his wealth of knowledge and has some great stories of success and failure along the way.  We cover scouting, tactics, firearms, marksmanship, gear, bows, clothing, to name a few. 


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Episode 22 Don’t Stress it, we thought of everything (Gift Ideas for the Hunters in your Life)


Jump into the festive season with this podcast all about Christmas Presents for your significant other who hunts.  John and Mike breakdown their backpacks, and give gift ideas for those starting out in backcountry hunting, and even ideas for the hunter who has backcountry experience. Gift ideas are further broken down into presents for the naughty, no so naughty and the nice pricing categories.  The Havalon Knife winner is revealed at the end of this episode!


Merry Christmas from the Highlander Hunting crew, now stop reading this and go buy him/her something nice!! 

(Notice we didn't say "Happy Holidays"...)


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