Episode 14 Let Your Arrow Fly True

August 27, 2017 @ 10:06 pm

After a beautiful summer break, we sat down for a conversation with Calgary archer and bowhunter Brian Struthers.  Brian has decades of experience shooting bows, working at a pro shop and setting up new shooters.  We cover all the choices facing a new bowhunter choosing a bow setup.  From rests to cams, brace height and releases, we discuss the merits of each type.  Brian's 20 plus years of experience in competitive archery, with the Alberta Archery Association and with the Alberta Winter Games, make him a true expert on shooting form.  We talk techniques that all bowhunters need to understand to make that critical shot count.  

It was a pleasure chatting with Brian about a subject he's dedicated much of his life to.  We hope you enjoy the conversation too!

As always should you have any questions, comments, suggestions or stories feel free to contact us at highlanderhuntingpodcast@gmail.com.


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