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Episode 65 Going Unleaded for Bears

June 8, 2021 @ 6:22 pm

June in Alberta, the morels are out and it's time to put in for your hunting draws.  Mike and John discuss options for the coming season and chat about the plan to hunt new country.  The Covid Crowds are pushing them into a new area. 

Another topic covered is when hunts don't go as planned.  About tracking a wounded black bear when there's a grizzly sow and her cubs in the area.

They also discuss their decision to try lead free bullets. Their reasons for this may surprise you!

*NOTE: Please excuse our rookie recording, the fancy Telsec Microspace recording studio threw the crew for a loop with all the snazzy sound boards and mixers.  Next time you might even be able to hear Mike!! Sharla is sorry she didn't catch it sooner, next one will be awesome!

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