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Episode 31 Spring Black Bear Hunting Is Here!

March 27, 2018 @ 11:01 pm

This time on Highlander Hunting Podcast Mike and John discuss Spring Black Bear Hunting.

While hunting black bears in the foothills and mountains, you might run into his cousin the grizzly bear.  We cover the finer points on grizzly - black bear ID skills, a few stories of grizz encounters, black bear habitat, feeding habits, and hunting tactics.

We also give details about a local meet up/seminar that we are going to be hosting at Cabela's Calgary, and our call to action for local listners.

Hope you enjoy this bear focused episode, and ask you to show your appreciation by liking us on iTunes or following us on Podbean.


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Episode 30 A Sniper’s Life

March 8, 2018 @ 10:42 pm

From 2002-2009 Rob Furlong owned the title of longest kill shot ever taken, 2430 meters.  A Canadian Forces sniper fighting in Afganistan with the 3rd Battalion of the PPCLI, Rob fought Al Quida and Taliban fighters while providing overwatch for US troops. 

We spoke with Rob about early life, how he got into shooting, and what lead up to the fateful day that changed his life and made him famous.

Lately, Rob has been using the skills he learned in the military to help shooters reach their potential.  He runs a long range shooting school here in Alberta.

Rob's schools us on all things long range.  From Caliber's, ballistic software, shooting techniques, and bad habits.

If you're a rifle shooter, you will love this  one!

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Episode 29 Bowhunting Filmmaker, Adam Foss

March 1, 2018 @ 1:16 pm

This week on Highlander Hunting Podcast, Mike and John speak with Adam Foss.

Adam is the youngest to complete the North American Grand Slam, with a BOW! He's also done conservation work with both the Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance and the Wild Sheep Foundation.  He tells us how to get involved.

We go over Adam's bowhunting set up / hardware.  We talk sheep behavior and hunting tactics, scouting strategies, and field judging Rams.

He's an accomplished filmmaker and has two films in the 2018 Hunting Film Tour.  He's a pro, an athlete, and a local boy representing Alberta on the world stage.


Hope you all enjoy this episode! Let us know what you thought by emailing us at Feel free to swing by and check out our website at We love to hear from our listeners!


John and Mike

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