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Episode 14 Let Your Arrow Fly True

August 27, 2017 @ 10:06 pm

After a beautiful summer break, we sat down for a conversation with Calgary archer and bowhunter Brian Struthers.  Brian has decades of experience shooting bows, working at a pro shop and setting up new shooters.  We cover all the choices facing a new bowhunter choosing a bow setup.  From rests to cams, brace height and releases, we discuss the merits of each type.  Brian's 20 plus years of experience in competitive archery, with the Alberta Archery Association and with the Alberta Winter Games, make him a true expert on shooting form.  We talk techniques that all bowhunters need to understand to make that critical shot count.  

It was a pleasure chatting with Brian about a subject he's dedicated much of his life to.  We hope you enjoy the conversation too!

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Episode 13 Don’t Waste Your Time Hunting

August 27, 2017 @ 9:56 pm

Don't waste your time hunting...scouting, timing, and optimizing your time in the field.

Chance favours the prepared mind.  Join John and Mike as they discuss strategies for planning the upcoming hunting season.  Topics include planning around the rut, the merits of patience, and not letting eagerness hamper your effectiveness.

Temper your effectiveness...Mike lays out some dates of successful hunts to outline the importance timing can play, and just because its legal to hunt on a certain date, doesn't mean it makes the most sense.  What to hunt, Where to hunt, and When to hunt make up the framework for this episode. Focused mostly on the Western big three, elk, mule deer and whitetail, they chat about when each of the ruts takes place and how you can capitalize on it.  Black bear hunting is discussed as an option for those eager to get out in the mountains early.

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Thanks for listening!

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Episode 12 Set Your Sights

August 27, 2017 @ 9:47 pm

The big game season is around the corner! In this episode Mike and John provide great advice and info on getting your rifle, your scope, and yourself ready for the season.  Other discussion was about dry-fire practice, rifle care, bi-pod use, accurizing your rifle with ammo selection, rifle safety, and preparing a youth or new hunter for their first season.  Lots of great info packed into a short podcast, so tune in!

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